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We need your help getting the EchoVoice project Phase 1 over the finish line in 2021 with funding required to complete the coding in a short time frame.

As of Oct 18, 2021, the average annual compensation for a Software Developer in the United States is $119,858 a year or $58 USD per hour. The average annual compensation for a Software Engineer in the United States is $134,500 a year or $65 USD per hour. We intend to take the following phased approach including administrative costs:

Phase 1: GoFundme Goal = $45,727 USD to fund 730 hours effort

Goal: Build Client/Server test version

  • Development: 600 hours (Need funding)
  • Development: 240 hours (Funded)
  • Engineering: 80 hours (Need funding)
  • Testing: 40 hours (Need funding)
  • Documentation: 10 hours (Need funding)

Phase 2: GoFundme Goal = $19,723 USD to fund 320 hours effort

Goal: Build Client/Server release version.

  • Development: 280 hours (Need funding)
  • Engineering: 40 hours establish Public Repository and issue tracking (Need funding)
  • Testing: 10 hours to coordinate community testing (Funded)
  • Documentation: 10 hours to generate supporting documentation (Funded)

Phase 3: GoFundme Goal = Undetermined (effort to be determined)

Goals: Add spatial features; Add IM and Conference (Group) capabilities; Add support for other platforms; Improve Accessibility by adding Speech to Text and Text to Speech capabilities for the severely disabled.

  • Development: Unknown hours (Need funding)
  • Engineering: Unknown hours (Need funding)
  • Testing: Unknown hours (Need funding)
  • Documentation: Unknown hours (Need funding)

Social Impact #TechForGood for Phase 1 and Phase 2 is immeasurable at a one-time cost around $4 USD per person currently in the free Metaverse. Supporting research for social impact consideration is presented with links below.

Every $100 USD donated effectively sponsors code development for 25 people because grid owners can use EchoVoice free to host voice services in the Metaverse.

Most can't afford to pay for commercial voice communication. Please help IMA help people help themselves so they can face life challenges together.

On behalf of IMA and those who will benefit directly from Project EchoVoice, you have our heartfelt gratitude for any help you can offer. Thank you! Any excess funds after Phase 3 completion will be donated to support open-source Mumble and EchoVoice services code maintenance.

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